The Walmart “Plumbing” Discussion

The Walmart “Plumbing” Discussion

This video report will discuss the recent Walmart closings for supposed Plumbing problems. In addition, I will discuss some Walmart conspiratorial elements, that many have asked me to cover again from my postings, in an effort to share my thoughts on the matter, because as Walmart closes their stores with limited or no notice to employees or business owners associated with Walmart Centers, the connection to Jade Helm-15 has raised some important questions, that we should be asking and investigating, to better learn the truth about why Walmart closed 5 stores associated with Jade Helm and who has repeatedly lied to the public about what is going on with their so called plumbing issues closures, that many know is an out right lie and deception on the public.

Walmart’s refusal to answer questions about the plumbing issues and the fact that no permits have been applied for the work to be done, raises some serious questions, that Walmart officials are not willing to answer.

In addition, Walmart has stated to the public that while the Walmart Stores are closed, no one will be allowed to see what work is being done on the inside of the stores.

This fact alone is enough to see that Walmart must have some ulterior motives for their actions and this video report will discuss some of these other motivations about being so secretive with their plumbing work plans and the restrictions for anyone viewing what is going on, while it is going on.

While many think that the Walmart centers could become Human Detention Centers for rounded up Americans, under the cover of Jade Helm, it is a theory, that is well accepted by many that see the Walmart closings as a secretive plan, that Walmart and the govt. does not want the public knowing about, before it is time to spring on the public.

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