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Mccormick Ranch Properties for SaleInformation about McCormick Ranch homes for sale and history of the community.

The planned community of McCormick Ranch is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. This metropolitan area is now in the top 10 in population for US cities but retains much of its western roots and small town feel. With a rich and storied history, the McCormick Ranch community features a wide mix of beautiful homes on beautifully landscaped properties, mingled among biking trails, golf courses, and numerous lakes.

Feel free to contact the McCormick Ranch Homeowners association for detailed information regarding CCRs and a host of other information.

History Of The McCormick Ranch In Arizona
Parcels of land were gathered during the years between 1942 and 1954 by Anne and Fowler McCormick. The scion of two wealthy men, John D. Rockefeller and the founder of International Harvester, the McCormicks had money to spend during this period. Their ranch featured a gorgeous Moorish home that was frequently visited by visiting film luminaries and leaders within the US business community.

Covering nearly 7 square miles at its largest, the McCormick Ranch was originally used to raise Arabian horses and Angus cattle. A bunkhouse used to shelter ranch hands and guests is the only remaining structure from this period. In 1947, the McCormicks built an Indian Arts Center with seven separate hogans. Three of those hogans are still in existence with two moved to one of the parks located within the McCormick Planned Community Grounds and the third housed in the Heard Museum.

In 1970, the property was purchased by Kaiser Aetna for development.  After construction began, the first homes for sale in McCormick ranch sold in the early 70s, and continued at a strong pace throughout the 80s.

There is little buildable space remaining and the few new construction projects during recent years have been stylish, condominium type dwellings. Home prices range from $100K to the multi-million dollar range depending upon the size of the acreage and location within the spacious community.

Residential Property Statistics in McCormick Ranch
McCormick Ranch was Arizona’s first planned community. Some say it remains the best in all of Arizona to this day. First incorporated in 1972, it was developed in stages. Since land was still available in copious amounts during the initial phase of building, it has more amenities than any other planned community in the state.

These amenities include lakes, parks, bicycle trails, golf links, and tennis courts. The water system that includes the lakes was developed to withstand the ravages of a 100-year flood. The central greenbelt of the community was constructed as part of the flood control measures and is part of Arizona’s larger bicycling system.

Prices of  McCormick ranch homes for sale  can  vary widely and depend upon the acreage as well as proximity to the lakes and golf courses. Prospective buyers can find single family homes located on one acre with four to five bedrooms ranging from $300,000 to multi-million dollar estates.

With a total of 3,116 acres in the development, more than 99% of it has reached its set capacity. Only the area hospital has room remaining for projected future growth.

The community boasts a population of 23,000. There are restaurants and shopping available within the community as well as in adjacent areas. It is served by two different school districts, both of which are highly rated by the community members.

Very little additional construction is expected in the future. Currently, a new condominium development with reasonably priced units in under construction. There is a very low annual fee payment of $195 each year required by the Neighborhood Association which goes to the maintenance of shared resources. Scottsdale area residents are able to visit the community and enjoy some resources, although residents do maintain a level of preferential treatment.

Parks And Lakes
Public parks in the development include Rotary Park, Mountain View Park, Comanche Park, Shosone Park and Zuni Park, but the McCormick Ranch Railroad Park is the jewel of the lot and one of the most unique parks in the United States. Featuring a 10,000 square foot building stocked by three groups of model train enthusiasts, it is an adventure for young and old. With a carousel and train rides, it is the perfect setting for an outdoor day. Residents enjoy the picnic grounds and playgrounds during the warm seasons and celebrate the Holidays with special park events.

The planners created a series of seven lakes for McCormick Ranch residents to enjoy.  all told, there’s a combined area  of 130  acres freshwater lakes.

McCormick Ranch homes for sale fall under two categories:  Lake front and everyone else.

Property owners with lake front easements can build a dock for ready access to fishing and boating.  Residents without boating easements can use Camelback Lake and Lake Margherite. Fishing is allowed on Camelback Lake, Lake Margherite, Santa Fe Lake, Lake Nino and Lake Angela. Lake Angela is restricted to fish and release.

A total of 25 miles of biking trails ties the community together. Residents can easily travel the back roads to shop, visit with friends, or simply get some exercise.

Resorts, Golf Links, Shopping, And Tennis Links
McCormick Ranch planners were inspired by housing developments in California and made the decision early on to include living amenities that provided exercise opportunities as well as ready access to entertainment and shopping. There are three resorts located within the boundaries that offer world class service to their guests. These are The Millinnium Resort Scottsdale McCormick Ranch, The Radison Resort and Spa, and the Scottsdale Conference Center Resort.

Looking for McCormick Ranch homes for sale, you will likely drive by the McCormick Ranch Golf Club which is open for play every day of the year and features two championship 18-hole courses. They provide an annual membership that is perfect for the once-a-week golfer and feature an award winning golf school for beginner golfers. The club features fine dining that is a welcome addition to the other great restaurants located in the area. The development features free standing retail locations offering a wide variety of services, products, and restaurant choices.

Located throughout the community, residents find tennis courts, playgrounds, and picnic areas for relaxed outdoor enjoyment. With plenty of biking and walking trails, magnificent green spaces, and gorgeous man-made lakes, McCormick Ranch has stood the test of time.

if you are truly considering McCormick ranch homes for sale,  you can rest assured that since the early stages of its development more than 40 years ago, it has remained true to the original vision of a private living space filled with beautiful homes that remains very attractive  to future residence .


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