Exploring Scottsdale Arizona Communities

Scottsdale Arizona is home to many master planned communities. While some feature high-end expensive homes and others offer more affordable housing, all of them share the common goal of providing a large number of life-enhancing amenities in a delightful desert setting. Landscaped with care and with opportunities for golfing, biking, and tennis, there are thriving local businesses and taste-temping restaurants within an easy walk from home. Here are some of the best planned communities in and around Scottsdale.

1. McDowell Mountain Ranch

Home owners enjoy three community centers loaded with plenty of activities for active residents of all ages. There are two heated pools, tennis and basketball courts, and myriad events scheduled throughout the year including concerts and dances. With plenty of hiking trails and a huge park, it is the perfect community for people who love the outdoors. With many different neighborhoods to choose from, residents are easily able to find a new home at their price point.

2. The Desert Highlands

Located at the base of Pinnacle Peak, all residents receive a golf club membership and enjoy playing at an 18 hole course designed by golf great, Jack Nicklaus. The homes are designed to be green and home sizes range from 4,000 to over 10,000 square feet. This high-end community features miles of pedestrian and bike trails, a pool, community club house, and plenty of saguaro cacti and mountains within view of every window.

3. Troon Village

The Troon Village community is devoted to golf and is a golfer’s paradise. Featuring 12 neighborhoods surrounding Troon Mountain, it is set at a higher elevation than the surrounding community and residents enjoy spectacular views. It has a varied housing stock including townhouses, single family homes, and custom homes. The 1,300 homes can be found in gated, non-gated, and guard gated areas.

4. Mirabel

Unlike many others on this list, there are still home sites available for new construction at Mirabel. Designed as a luxury community, residents have access to golf and even hot air balloons just a short walk away from their homes. The Desert Lodge Clubhouse offers five star service and food. Located in northern Scottsdale, it is warm and inviting in a gorgeous desert setting.

5. Legend Trail

At home in the high Sonoran Desert, Legend Trail community members are surrounded by the Indian trails of an earlier age. The community is defined by the topography of the development and includes more than 800 home sites and a 36 unit condo property. At the heart of the development lies a Community Center that brings area residents together during a relaxing swim or a great game of golf. There is something for everyone at Legend Trail.

6. Terravita:   The Terravita community features a jam packed social calendar on 823 acres of a nature lovers paradise. Built with sustainable building and landscaping practices, the community meets the standards set by the Arizonau2019s Environmentally Sensitive Land Ordinance. Residents can choose a home site with backyard views of the golf courses or glorious mountains. There are plenty of fitness features to help keep residents in peak physical condition.

7. Kierland

A mixed use development geared to the sophisticated urban dweller, Kierland has a wide variety of residential types as well as a plethora of shops and entertainment venues. Lofts, multi-residential homes, and single family constructions make this diverse community an exciting place to call home. Shops include major retailers as well as inviting corner coffee houses for leisurely get togethers. The urban feel is enhanced by miles hiking trails and the Arizona sunsets over nearby mountains.

8. Grayhawk

While the Grayhawk community is a favorite of the retirement set, many families and single people make their home here as well. One of the more affordable communities in the area, it has a diverse housing stock but still retains all the amenities that people expect in a planned community. With golf and even music lessons within ready reach, this is a summer home for many snowbirds and vacationers. Located close to Scottsdale and Phoenix, residents find the best of all worlds here.

9. Gainey Ranch

Located just minutes from old town Scottsdale, Gainey Ranch is the perfect location for the commuter. Featuring three nine hole golf courses, there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. The community association just completed a major renovation to ensure its continued status as an oasis in the desert. The private neighborhoods feel like resort living.

10. McCormick Ranch

The first master planned community in Arizona, McCormick Ranch is still looking great forty years after the first house was built. With seven lakes, residents can enjoy fishing and boating. The many community centers and the golf course provide hours of fun-filled activities. This close-knit community is almost fully developed with mature landscaping amid miles of walking trails. The five acre park features a model railroad exhibit that is the most complete in the US.

11. Ancala

The Ancala community is located high in the McDowell Mountains and is a perfect retreat for its many residents who just want to get away from it all. Most homes are built with natural materials that fit perfectly with the surrounding landscape. All homes are custom built and there is always a guard at the gate for maximum security. With more than 500 homes and 40 casitas, residents enjoy the golf course in a very serene and secure setting.

12. DC Ranch

With parks, a school, and home stocks ranging from apartments to custom built homes, life in the DC Ranch master-planned community is sweet indeed. This diverse community has two golf courses, playgrounds, and master chefs cooking in its restaurants. There is even a community playhouse for the artistically inclined. Members enjoy a secure environment in a serene desert setting.

Master-planned communities in Arizona are among the nation’s best. As the demand has grown, communities have risen to the task. Residents enjoy the best that life has to offer under the warm sunny skies of the High Sonora Desert.

25 Responses to Scottsdale

  1. whatever3210 says:

    Great video! Scottsdale really is a great place to live or visit.

  2. ajisnumber2 says:

    Great video! Scottsdale looks amazing.

  3. ussco says:

    What in the world am I doing in Chicago?

  4. Andrew Kinyanjui says:

    I didn’t know that deserts had Botanical Gardens! Scottsdale,looks like a
    wonderful place to live in!

  5. plzwork100 says:

    No… nononononohohohohoho

  6. plzwork100 says:

    Come if you like: Crime, Drug deals, Worthless buildings, Stupid people,
    Failing school systems and much more

  7. westpointar says:

    god this is so sterotypical the real scottsdale has abandon buildings crime
    drugs and terrible schools

  8. WorldKeepsSpinnin says:

    be there soon…for a fresh start at life..

  9. weer390 says:

    For those of you that say Scottsdale sucks, try moving to the Midwest
    nothing to do. Abandoned building everywhere, everyone is poor and fucking
    rude and I mean EVERYONE. Everything like jobs etc is about 45 to 50 miles
    apart that is if you can find one. I can’t wait to get the fuck out of here.

  10. Samantha Shea says:

    Its actually nothing like that… Maybe down in Phoenix, but not in
    Scottsdale. As far as schools go, Scottsdale has some of the highest
    ranking schools in the country. And I dare you to find a substancial amount
    of abandoned buildings. Cause i sure havent seen any.

  11. Zachary Wherry says:

    Going on a trip here over spring break with my parents. I’m 18 though, and
    Scottsdale looks more aimed at adults. What can a teenager do here? Just
    looks like shopping, and nightclubs….

  12. Zachary Wherry says:

    Wow, that sounds awesome! You read my mind as far as my favorite things to
    do. I’m sure the profile picture helps! I will check it out, thank you!

  13. weer390 says:

    I know some people that refuse to move. Older people its understanble, but
    for younger people there is no excuse. There is nothing here, Illinois is
    gone. The way things are looking for me, I’ll be “imprisoned” here for the
    rest of my life…. I made up an illness called Illinioan syndrome becasue
    anyone that would want to stay here is turely ill lol

  14. ussco says:

    I guess it must be an illness to stay here. What is preventing you from
    moving, if you don’t mind my asking, but of course you don’t have to
    answer? It’s snowed and rained this week and I have no energy for anything
    even though I’m pretty healthy. I’m not buying any property here
    whatsoever. I’m only saving my money until my life changes and I can move

  15. weer390 says:

    Money is a big factor, and I have no education, Ill drown if I moved and
    tried to find a min wage job….it happened to my friend when she tried
    living outside of Illinois. If I had enough money Id be long gone.

  16. weer390 says:

    I know what I want to do as a career. I was in school for it I was in the
    program but during the orientation when I learned the hours of the program
    Mondays and Wednesday 8am to 5pm tuesday and thursday 6am to 6pm. I cant
    not work all week or work so few hours….so I had to drop. Its just one
    giant circle. I want to go to school to improve but I cant work any less.

  17. weer390 says:

    Got to pay the outrageous Illinois taxes.

  18. zakorkaz says:

    To experiece all those things in the video over a 3 day period like in the
    video would cost about $3k….I live here and I’m just saying.

  19. John Kraljic says:

    I miss Scottsdale!

  20. Bill Potolicchio says:

    Ever wonder how we can deal with a few hot days here in Scottsdale?

  21. Flooring Scottsdale says:

    Scottsdale is a great place to live. #1 city in Arizona

  22. HollywoodClA says:

    It’s oasis of shit in the middle of the desert.

  23. Nepata1 says:

    Scottsdale really is not a very good place to live. If your under 21, there
    is litterally nothing to do and it’s very boring. It’s really orientated
    toward senior citizens and/or singles in their 20′s so it’s not at all a
    family city. The schools that are apart of the Scottsdale Unified School
    District are very, very low performing and the high school failure rate is
    through the roof. Drugs are also a VERY big problem. It seems like at least
    a quarter of the high school students ( I went to high school there) are at
    least on weed, and for many, harder than that. South scottsdale has a fair
    amount of crim as well, although central and north scottsdale can be
    beautiful. Oh and there are quite a few rich, snobby people as well. Very
    few employment oppurtunities as well

  24. MLGx_clan says:

    At the moment I live a very long way from scottsdale I’m closer to Scotland
    lol aka I’m living in England but I’m thinking of moving to America if any
    one has any ideas what part could you help me out with witch state iv been
    looking at moving for a while now 

  25. Louis A. McCaII II says:

    I see some interesting comments on here. Scottsdale is made up of just
    over 200K people and is adjacent to Phoenix with a population of 6mil+…
    Scottsdale is a great place, and they’re is plenty to do there and in
    Phoenix, Cave Creek, Carefree, and Tempe. 

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