RV Living Full Time Electrical Trouble & Plumbing System Update

RV Living Full Time Electrical Trouble & Plumbing System Update

RV living full time in a classic GMC motorhome has had its struggles for sure. We got down to the bottom of our vintage GMC motorhome’s electrical issues. It turns out that two different 12 volt circuits were grounded when the previous owner had mounted the hall light that sits in front of the bathroom.

The circuits had been grounded by a mounting screw pinching the wires running in the ceiling. So, light mounting screws burnt up 2 charge controllers. New charge controllers cost about 0 plus tax, so one little screw caused over 0 of headache. Make sure your careful when doing RV mods.

In the last living in a motorhome full time video we celebrated a victory of pressurizing the plumbing and having no leaks……well about a week laterI woke up in the middle of the night to a slow but steady drip. It turns out our vintage GMC RV has a plumbing leak now where the city water enters into the coach. We will now have to fix that.

We are still happy with the new AC unit that just got installed. Its working like a champ other than the fact it can’t keep the whole RV cool during the peak heat of a Florida summer, Or at least not when its mounted all the way in the back. There are just too many windows and the duct blowing forward does not move enough air. Thank god we have the other AC unit.

Overall our troubles are pretty mild when considering we are restoring a 1975 classic GMC class A RV motorhome. Living in a RV full time while restoring it is proving to be a challenge, but I say its building character.

Please take the time to comment on the questions I asked in this RV living full time video. We need some advice, Goodbye until our next video.