Running Pimlico Plumbers – Bosses

Running Pimlico Plumbers – Bosses

How to run a successful plumbing business
“When I was at school I used to help a local plumber and bunk off school. He said to me then that if you do an apprenticeship in plumbing you’ll have a job for life and earn lots of money and he’s right, I’m still working.

“And the problem there was that I left school at 15, no qualifications, not much education – which I say was a bad mistake. I should have left at 14.”

Having established Pimlico Plumbers in 1979, Charlie Mullins grew the business into being London’s largest independent plumbing & service company. Yet, despite having such a 200+ workforce, he knows all of his employees by name.

We chat to Charlie and take a tour of his hugely successful business.

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