Plumbing Primer – PVC Drains, the DWV System – Part 1 of 3

Plumbing Primer – PVC Drains, the DWV System – Part 1 of 3

This is the first video in a series on Plumbing. Though I am not as good at plumbing as I am at Electrical, I have learned quite a bit from the several large plumbing projects I have recently completed. Learn from my research and practice. This video looks at the drains side of the system and how to install them using PVC. We look at the theory of how drains, and more specifically vents, work, at some of the rules to follow when installing drains and some of the various parts you may use. This is another of my famous whiteboard talks, another video showing me doing an actual installation is forthcoming. Please review your local codes and have your building official approve your plans before you do the work. I do not know all the codes, let alone all the codes in all areas! Like I have said, my videos are a resource to start with, but you should verify everything on your own.

Some Links of interest:

Links to some decent diagrams of DWV systems:

Common Fittings”

Some neat summaries of things to avoid: