Peoria Arizona Communities for Retirement

The area Of Peoria Arizona was rated as No.7 out of the Top 10 U.S cities in regards to Early Retirement. This statistic came from a publisher which is based in Washington D.C for personal finance and business forecasts advice. Peoria Arizona communities for retirement was the single Arizona city that was able to make it onto this top rated list and was able to be placed above other cities such as Honolulu and Virginia Beach.

Peoria’s has a great advantage to amenities of the big-city, as well as the advantage of an extremely lower crime rate, lowered “costs of living” as well as favorable taxes. This makes the location is an ideal spot for Peoria Arizona communities for early retirement.

Peoria is regarded as an “economically” healthy city whereby early retirees are able to work part-time or they can choose a type of second career and to be successful. The consideration for Peoria Arizona communities relates to crime rates, tax-friendliness, health care, housing, living costs, household incomes, unemployment rates and the average ages of these residents will be between 45 and 64.

The city of Peoria attributes much of its appeal to leadership and has been able to achieve a reputation in being a superior location to reside. The choices that have been made by the council and mayor have contributed to beautiful surroundings and neighborhoods.

Reasons why Peoria Arizona Communities are a Fantastic Choice for Early Retirement

Peoria has inherent qualities relating to favorable types of tax laws, ample sunshine, dry heat and a prime location for all ages of retirees. The latest crime rate statistics of the area resulted in a low 3.16 crimes for every 100 residents in a year. Out of the 160,000 population of the city 24.1% of these residents are between the ages of 45 and 64. The “cost of living” for Peoria is considered to be 9% below what is known as the national average.

Arizona is considered to be a tax friendly state and the tax rate for personal income is at 4.5%. Benefits for Social Security and $2,500 of certain retirement income is regarded as tax-exempt. In addition, there will be no estate, gift, inheritance or state property tax in the area of Peoria.

The city of Peoria offers highly affordable housing options, coming in around 17% below what is known as the “national average”. Areas such as Scottsdale are around 30% above the “national average”. Some of the benefits relating to Peoria Arizona communities are the easy access to amenities of the big-city and only paying a small fraction in living costs. The median ages of Peoria are much younger than other sought after cities which are a major advantage to early retirees.

Peoria Arizona Communities for Retirement: How they Change the Ways in Which People Retire

Today, the aspect of retirement “living communities” is seen in a very different light to a few years ago. There are now various types and levels designated to living arrangements for seniors that all fall under categories relating to senior housing. However, cities such as Peoria Arizona communities for retirement are nothing like the nursing homes so many individuals are used to.

Expectations on Retirement Living Today

Communities for retirement living also go under the name “independent living” are designed specifically for retirees or seniors who are regarded as fairly active. There are various types of these “independent living” communities. They range from regular type apartment complexes that will generally have an age-restriction, onto planned retirement type living communities that are designed to cater for active types of older adults.

The “Active” adult communities allow for prolonged independence with the combinations of supportive services and design. These planned communities will feature physical designs that allow the seniors to age in comfort. These designs will include lowered cupboards, single level residences and high toilets.

Many seniors who reside in “independent” Peoria Arizona communities are active and mobile. Reports from the ASHA (American Seniors Housing Association), state that less than ten percent of residents use items such as mobility aids like wheelchairs and walkers. In addition, an average of about ten percent of the residents will require personal types of care services.

The majority of residents are females and in a recent study it was estimated that the majority in females was up to 70%. The same study found that women have lowered household incomes as well as net worth compared to men. The average ages of residents who live in Peoria Arizona communities are around 75 up to 84.

Services & Amenities Available

In these retirement communities housekeeping and meal plans are a standard service on offer. There are a host of amenities available to the residents that will include the following:

-Daily activities such as group exercise that residents will have the choice to participate

-Community events including recreational and cultural that are advertised in pamphlets or placed on boards in the community center

-Concierge service

-Banking and financial services as well as Internet banking facilities

-Laundry and linen service

-Religious services

-Local transportation into the city

-24 hour security

-Computer access


-Swimming pool

-Tennis courts and golf facilities

-Fitness facilities designed specifically for seniors

-Walking paths


-Barber shop

-Nail and beauty salon

Recent Trends for Retirement Living in Peoria Arizona Communities

It is becoming increasingly more popular for types of married or younger seniors to choose “independent living” communities. One such study reveals that almost 30% of these residents are married. These communities will not discriminate against any type of resident applicant and offer nurturing and accepting environments where seniors of like minds are able to form relationships and to feel comfortable and accepted around their peers.

Peoria Arizona communities for retirees and senior citizens are fantastic options for individuals who are looking for an active and enjoyable full retirement.The safe and lowered costs of living make these communities an attractive choice to many individuals. In addition, younger retirees now have the choice to retire in style and comfort.

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    Check out this great new music video, “One More Night in Peoria,” from +Bradley

  2. SlinkyMation says:

    I’m so glad to see a song that’s talking about how good Peoria is when all
    I hear is people complain about it even though it’s probably a lot better
    than most places you could be living.

  3. Cathie Neumiller says:

    Great video from Bradley on Peoria featuring a brilliant BU student Josiah
    Williams and his music:

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    Those six thumbs down must be from people living in Rockford.

  7. Denysia O'connell says:

    Josiah, you did an exemplary job on this video! I grew up in Peoria and
    attended Bradley U. I live in Southern California now but this video makes
    me proud of my roots. A lot of thought went into this production. Great
    Work and Best of Luck to you in your future!

  8. John Redfield says:

    I grew up in Peoria in the 40′s, 50′s and probably wouldn’t recognize it
    now. But, I have very fond memories of Peoria. Thank you for a wonderful
    video!!!! Maureen

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    Technically a Bradley University promotional video, but it does a great job
    show casing Peoria!

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    Peoria community! Loved it and can’t wait to see what you do in the future.
    So awesome!! :)

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    Josiah, this is fantastic. Makes me so proud to be from Peoria and a
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