How to improve your caravan’s waste water plumbing

How to improve your caravan’s waste water plumbing

Thinking of doing some DIY on your caravan? Watch our video as John Wickersham considers updates you could make to your tourer’s waste water plumbing. What do you think? Please like, comment and share.

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“CPVC Pipes for Bathroom Plumbing” by

“CPVC Pipes for Bathroom Plumbing” by

“CPVC Pipes for Bathroom Plumbing” by
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What you are seeing is complete piping of a bathroom with all 3 things
– Shower area
– WC
– & Basin

These CPVC pipes get concealed inside wall plaster & are never visible.

CPVC pipes have completely replaced G.I pipes ( Galvanised Iron ) Pipes. mainly because these are more long lasting as they never catch rust.

They are more affordable compared to other metal pipes. withstand high temperatures.

The heat loss is also less hence makes them more energy efficient.

There are different types & thickness of CPVC pipes, what you are seeing are all meant for interior use.

Super easy plumbing rough-in 101 you can do this.

Super easy plumbing rough-in 101 you can do this.

Watch how easy you can plumb your own house. I will show you the actual footage from our plumbing rough-in101 DVD series. If you want to get the DIY DVD series at a super price go here now.



If you have low water mains pressure coming out of your taps and have slow showers and baths then we can help. By adding the Salamander Home Boost pump to your incoming water main you could easily boost the water pressure from your incoming main in minutes. WE show you how here and it’s EASY! PLUMBERS REGISTER HERE➡️



So we’re at a property here where they’re experiencing low pressure problems at certain times of the day and it can be a lot worse at night and a lot worse early in the morning which is annoying for the customer here because they want to use the water then. But also just generally they don’t feel like they’re getting enough mains water pressure at the moment. The system that their hot water is coming through is a combi boiler, they’ve got a water softener on the system as well so I’m pretty sure that the heat exchange in the combi boiler is not fired up.

So I’m happy to recommend to them to install one of the home boost pumps in here to try and improve their water pressure. The good thing about them as well is they’re really easy to install and they’ll go on 15mm and 22mm copper pipe. So if you open up our hot and cold tap here, this is our cold directly off the main and the hot is going through the heat exchanger as well. We’ve also got the same problem with the bath tap up here as well, I know that when I get home from servicing a load of boilers the first thing I want to do is jump in the bath. Right, we’ve actually got our pump here.

They don’t muck about, this is a real sturdy old beast here. There’s a few things you need to think about when you’re installing one of these. Make sure that you’re gonna put the home boost pump in a place where it’s well supported, make sure it’s got air around it for ventilation. Make sure there’s no cold water draw offs before the home boost pump, if there is you’re gonna have to put non return valves on them to stop any feedback or anything like that. So let’s quickly build the home boost pump up. So there we go, all done, we’re all in. We’ve just got that tied up, we got a little clip in here. Just a little clip down there as well, just gonna turn this water on now. Now just gonna run our plug through and under to our plug socket and get this up and running.

Right, so I’m gonna shut this now. Right so we’ve got our new home boost installed underneath this sink, we’ve got it plugged in, we’ve got the water back on, there’s no leaks, it’s nicely clipped up and it’s pretty much ready to go. All we need to do to finish off the installation is give the sparky a quick ring and get this nicely earth bonded up and also I might pop a few more clips in as well once we finish filming. But without further ado, let’s have a quick look and see how much it’s improved, the flow from the hot and cold just here. So now the pump’s noticed that we’re looking for some sort of flow and it’s kicked in so it’s looking better already. Oh wow, look at that. That is much better.

That is so much better. Ha! That’s getting on the clappers. Right, I’ll tell ya what, I didn’t actually expect it to be this much improved actually. I love who ever fitted this tap, it doesn’t quite drip into that basin. Anyway, let’s go have a look at the bath and see how that’s getting on. Right, well earlier on the bath room was pretty lackluster, didn’t really get very full. So let’s just yank this on. You can already hear how much better is it. That’s already coming through hot as well. I’m absolutely amazed, I’m absolutely amazed. To be honest guys, you’re gonna need to ask Salamander pumps how they’ve made this happen. (laughs)

There we go, the home boost is installed nice and easily so if you guys have any customers out there who have got a problem with their water pressure, definitely consult Salamander, give them a quick call. We’ll leave a link to their website in the description below so you can get a hold of their technical, they’re really helpful when it comes to deciding whether you actually need one of these or not. If you guys have got mini isolation valves in the line, then stuff like that, that’s the sort of thing you’re gonna need to take out first if you’ve got a problem with low water pressure. If you’ve done all that and you’ve still got a problem, then this could well be your solution.

Tiny House: Bus Plumbing

Tiny House: Bus Plumbing

Bus Plumbing. This video is in response to some questions I had about the plumbing on the bus. I tried not to be vague about the system. If you have questions, please leave them in the comment section and I will answer them best I can.