What Do You Mean by Immediate Denture?

 In immediate tooth extraction, an imprint of the mouth is crafted, keeping intact all the other natural teeth. Depending on the shape and size of your teeth and mouth, after the tooth extraction surgery, the dentist places the denture teeth. The dentist fits the denture after the extraction either immediately or in a week. You can expect certain changes or swelling to take place in your gum after the surgery. Typically, the immediate denture technique involves specially designed dentures to be placed in the place of the missing tooth and this poses to be a temporary and easy solution to your tooth problems.

Permanent Denture v/s Immediate Denture

 An immediate denture is an act of replacing a damaged or infected or missing tooth with a new one. However, this is not a permanent solution to your teeth problem. It is designed in such a way so that you can give yourself a temporary relief to your tooth pain and eventually get a permanent denture placed there. Permanent dentures are made on a mold which can be taken after swelling is healed following the tooth extraction.

The main distinction between an immediate and permanent denture is the procedure of crafting your replacement tooth and also immediate dentures can be used even when your mouth is swollen.

How to take care of your immediate denture?

Once you have extracted your damaged or decayed tooth with the health of dental professionals and placed immediate denture, it is extremely crucial to follow the dentist’s advice to prevent complications and to maintain healthy oral hygiene.

  • After extraction, it is normal that your gums will swell or bleed. Once the swelling stops, the immediate denture is more likely to become loose.
  • To solve the problem of a loose denture, your OKC dentist will place a temporary lining just to ensure a proper fit of the immediate denture.
  • If you still have any queries in your mind regarding the immediate denture, your dentist will provide you with the necessary solutions and make sure that you are comfortable and will advise you to prioritize oral hygiene at all times.
  • Once the immediate denture is placed, keep it for two days straight.

Benefits of immediate tooth extraction and dentures 

In case of immediate dentures, forget about appearing toothless in public. You can get your tooth extracted and the dentures on the very same day which means you will not be missing any tooth after the tooth extraction surgery. This tends to be extremely beneficial to boost your confidence and makes sure you do not get any adverse effects from tooth extractions.

An immediate denture is an effective and simple solution that aids you in protecting the extraction site and the tissues present. It also helps in reducing the overall bleeding. You also get a temporary tooth as a replacement of your extracted tooth hence, other teeth are less likely to shift from its place.

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