Gas and Plumbing Training – Interactive Learning

Gas and Plumbing Training – Interactive Learning

This CD-ROM application is designed by colleges and e-learning experts for the education sector and is aligned to the core curriculum and syllabus at technical certificate and NVQ Level 2/3.

* Hours of interactive study time
* Easy to use and very cost effective
* Engaging and interactive
* Virtual reality game-based

It is intended to help simplify the process of understanding key concepts related to Gas and Plumbing, and it can be run in a classroom format or individually.

The programme content is divided into seven modules as follows:
* Module 1 – Introduction
* Module 2 – Health & Safety
* Module 3 – Soft Soldering Techniques
* Module 4 – Copper Tube Bending
* Module 5 – Core Gas Safety (Gas Controls)
* Module 6 – Central Heating Design Principles
* Module 7 – Condensing Combination Boilers

Our bespoke training packages are tailored to suit all domestic gas engineers, electricians and tutors. These innovative packages are developed by top experts and designed to test your comprehension, letting you learn at your own pace. Delivered on CD-ROM, they are a highly cost effective form of training. For more information please see our website: