Facts You Need to Know about H2S Removal Procedure

Hydrogen sulphide gas is one kid of gas mainly found at the time of drilling, production and creation of natural gas and crude oil. You can also found this particular gas in wastewater treatment. In natural gas, it is possible to find the strong toxic smelling hydrogen sulphide. It is possible to remove the toxic hydrogen sulphide from gas steams and recover it into elemental sulphur. Hydrogen sulphide can also live in drinking water. If it is in drinking water, then it will:

  • Remove or disperse an unpleasant odour.
  • It can corrode the iron, steel, copper and brass in the well casing bathroom fixtures.
  • Discolour the silverware, copperware and brassware as well.
  • Stain the laundry items.
  • The bathroom fixtures will turn black or yellow.
  • It will also discolour the beverages.
  • Change the appearance of water.
  • It will also change the taste of foods.

Advanced process to separate H2S from natural gas

Through the process of electrochemical membrane, it is possible to remove the H2S gas from the natural gas. It can be removed from natural gas by reducing the amount of sulphide ion and H2 at the cathode. In this process of removal, the sulphide ion migrates to the anode and it will happen through a molten salt electrolyte in a ceramic matrix. This process is being used to remove the H2S from the natural gas. This process is economically attractive and this process does not need so much equipment and far more intensive than the traditional and conventional technology.

There are so many procedures in order to remove the H2S from the natural gas. These are such as follows:

  • Shock chlorination
  • Replacing the hot water heater magnesium rod
  • Granular activated carbon
  • Carbon catalytic
  • Aeration
  • Greensand manganese filter
  • Chemical oxidation

At the time of choosing any of these treatments and removal procedures, you need to consider the facts of costs. You will have to consider both initial and operational cost as well. You will have to spend much amount of money in order to bear the electrical cost and maintenance of the whole project. Repairing and general maintenance is needed in this project. Additional water supply may also need for this removal process.

It is very much important to stay safe at the time of running this process of H2S removal. The gas detection equipment should be handled carefully and it should be tested frequently as well.

If you feel irritate in the environment of H2S gas, then you will have to get out of the place immediately. The toxic environment is not good for your health. The rescuers also take necessary protection in order to save affected. Respiratory protection is very much needed while entering in the environment of H2S. You should know the fact that there is no selective antidote but it is possible to treat the symptoms. If you notice some unusual side effects such as coughing, sneezing, stomach pain, vomiting, chest pain or tightness and headache, then you should consult your nearest doctor immediately. You should move forward with appropriate protection.

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