A Dogs Journey Through Omaha

view of the elk horn river

K-9 Excursion Through Omaha Nebraska

Last month me and my dog ventured out to the Elkhorn River Omaha to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. These are a few fun things we experienced.

Doggy Adventures

There aren’t a lot of public parks/places that allow dogs, so finding an adventure took some time. We hiked first off grid along Chalco Hills trails and had some fun exploring the area. After that I wanted to take him to a dog park, so we headed on over to Hefflinger Dog Park where he ran with other dogs and played for an hour. Afterwards, we were both ready for a little nap, so we went and checked into our hotel at the Sheraton Omaha which was very accommodating of my dog.


After a healthy “cat nap” we decided it was time to see who was who in the zoo. We headed on over to the Henry Doorly Zoo and checked out the underground caves that exist there. The Zoo is an animal lovers dream. There are over 7 acres of indoor exhibits. My dog thoroughly enjoyed prancing around the zoo with me checking out the other animals. After the Zoo, my dog was hungry so we headed back to our hotel off of 108th avenue to order in some delivery. I didn’t have my doggy dishes with me so he was eating off of the floor for the night.  I ordered pickup from Sullivan’s Steak House and it was amazing! I bought a bone-in steak that was cooked to perfection. After I finished the steak though, I gave my dog the leftovers. It was the best Omaha Steak I ever had! My dog knawed on that bone for the next two hours while we digested our meals in the park, laying in the grass, listening to some music.

Rested And Off  To Elkhorn River Omaha

dog in elkhorn river omaha nebraskaAfter some down time in the park, he was ready to play fetch. We headed over to the Elkhorn River where we played fetch and swam for hours. I had purchased a new fetch toy from Amazon before we came out here. It was a dog football and I felt like one of the best Husker Quarterbacks of all time! Well, that is a bit of a stretch, but I would throw that ball into the Elkhorn and the dog would jump in the river like he was a Cornhusker wide receiver! Dogs are amazing, and if you get outside with them and take time to train and prepare them for the public spotlight, they thrive in that environment. So full of love, and they have tails that won’t stop wagging. I am a huge dog lover and Omaha was an amazing place to travel with my best friend / dog.

Not So Good Journey Home

They say that all good things come to an end, well that was true for our vacation as well. After day 3, my dog became sick and wouldn’t eat his food. In fact, any food he did consume was immediately thrown up. I searched for ways to settle my dogs stomach with household remedies but was unable to get him to keep his food down. I searched for the best Veterinarian Omaha had and found an emergency vet clinic to take him in on short notice. It turns out when we were at the Elkhorn river he ingested a rotten fish carcass. This caused him extreme stomach cramping wich led to the vomiting and inability to keep his food down. The veterinarian pumped his stomach and got it all out. When he woke he was a hungry puppy. They gave him a big bowl of Iams Dog Food and he wolfed it all down. And of course, he was able to keep it down. Now that I was able to keep him in the car for the road trip home we packed to leave in the morning.

Home Safe In His Dog House

After a day and a half of travel home, we finally made it. He was so excited to be in his on bed. He crawled inside his dog house and laid there like it was the best place in the world to be. His tail even wagged for what seemed to be an hour straight. The neighbor dog jumped the fence and came for a visit also. Those two dogs will play all day long if we let them. To be home without a leash, and outside of his travel kennel made him the happiest puppy on earth. I have to agree with my dog, there’s no place like home!!