Connecting Off Grid Tiny House Cold Water Plumbing

Connecting Off Grid Tiny House Cold Water Plumbing

I have been working on the off grid tiny house plumbing. Now that I have the tiny home roof done and the rain gutters installed it is time to set up the off grid water supply.

I am using the water tanks that I got for free as rain water collection tanks. I have a whole lot of them so my overall storage capacity will be quite a bit when I have them all connected together.

I am using an RV water pump and an RV accumulator to maintain pressure in my tiny house on wheels.

I finished connecting the PEX lines in the tiny house and got the plumbing on the water pump in place.

I bought a Culligan house water filter to put in between the rain water tanks and the water pump. This will filter out even the fine silt and particles, keeping the house system clean.

This is part one of the video. Watch for part two coming soon.

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