Connecting Off Grid Tiny House Cold Water Plumbing Pt 2

Connecting Off Grid Tiny House Cold Water Plumbing Pt 2

I finished the tiny house plumbing on the cold side. I have running water in the tiny house!!! This time I have pressurized running water in the kitchen and bathroom. This is very exciting.

I finished the wiring on the water pump. I used a water proof fuse holder and a 10 amp fuse. The water pump is rated at 7 amps so a 10 amp fuse should be fine.

I used a switch so I can turn off the water pump as needed for repairs or when I am gone away from the tiny house on wheels. This will prevent any accidents while I am away.

When I had all the plumbing finished I put some rain water into the water tank I am using for now behind the tiny house. Then turned on the water pump for a trial run.

I had to open a faucet in the tiny house in order to let the water pump pressurize the system and get the air out of the lines. But soon enough I had water flowing into my tiny home.

Then I heard water running under the kitchen sink. The cats had knocked off the drain pipe under the sink and the water was running out all over the place down there.

I had to mop it all up and then try my water system again after a quick fix on the drain lines. These are simply pushed into a rubber gasket and then lightly tightened with a hand nut. They pull out rather easily with a 10 pound cat sitting on the lines.

I will have to secure them better to prevent this in the future. These are things you have to think about when plumbing with animals in the house.

After the clean up though, I had pressurized running water in the tiny house.

One of the fittings outside on the water pump was not sealing so I had to run into town to get a new one that fit better. After the quick fix the system was working well.

I also picked up the plumbing to put together my hot water system. I hope to have both hot and cold running water this week.

And I got the materials to put together a first flush diversion system for my rain water collection. This will allow the dirt and debris that comes off the roof run into a collection tank when it first starts to rain. This will help keep my rain water collection tanks clean.

A package arrived in the mail. This contained some survival gear I am going to try out and review. I will send one to Bison from BuggingIn to try out as well. The video will be on TR Tech Tactical & Survival later, after I have had time to test out the product.

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