Connected Wind Turbine & Plumbing Rain Water System

Connected Wind Turbine & Plumbing Rain Water System

I connected the wind turbine to the off grid tiny house. I am expanding the rain water capacity of our tiny house on wheels. Chris and I are finishing the rain water and battery shed. Read the full blog article here:

I have a wind charge controller that someone sent me back when they sent me the wind turbine. I put it on the wall of the off grid battery shed. Then I wired it up to the battery bank to the wind charge controller. Next I connected the wind turbine to the charge controller.

This is not actually a wind charge controller but rather a solar charge controller being used for wind turbines. It has a dump load which is meant to turn on at a certain voltage and dump the excess wind energy out into a dump load. Unfortunately when the MPPT solar charge controllers are in absorption mode the voltage is too high for the cheap solar charge controller so it turns on the dump load. I had to disable this for now. Later I plan to open it up and see if I can adjust the dump voltage.

Chris and I have been finishing the insulation and paneling inside the battery and rain water shed. We need to finish the corner next to the other rain water tank so that we can put in the second tank.

After the shed walls were done in the back corner I set up the plumbing for the tank. I had purchased this stuff a few months ago already and had it all planned out. The one thing I was missing all this time was a fitting for the IBC tote. I had ordered some “universal fit” ones off Amazon but they came from China and fit nothing that I have at all. So one day someone on the comments mentioned the Gator Lock from TSC. I immediately ran out to get one and it fits!

Now all I have to do is to lay out the plumbing for real and cut the PVC pipes to fit between the two IBC totes.

There will be a quick disconnect fitting for each tank on the PVC lines with a valve in the lines so that I can always remove a tank if needed. There is also an expansion line for future expansion and the addition of more tanks outside for summer use.

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