Concrete Resurfacing in Oklahoma City- How It Works

If you are a homeowner, you are aware of the significance of curb appeal. This is not only for the real estate, but also maintain the house and keeping it in a good condition for years. When you want to repair a broken concrete surface, it can cost you a lot of bucks, and it’s also very time-consuming. Fortunately, if you are dealing with mild cracks on the patio, sidewalk, or on the driveway, you won’t need to break the entire old concrete and re-pour it.

This is the place where concrete resurfacing comes to save you. This type of work can provide you a new finish to the indoor and outdoor surfaces. Concrete resurfacing also provides different decorative finishes, so you can get a customized look on concrete surfaces and floors. Here, check out how concrete resurfacing in Oklahoma City.

How it works

If you want to repair a concrete slab traditionally, you have to break the old surface and remove the older materials. This task is time-consuming and tedious at the same time. After this, new concrete is poured to get a new surface. This is a very labor-intensive procedure, and it can cost you big bucks, especially when it’s used to cover a bigger area. There is a difference between the traditional repairing of concrete damage and the resurfacing, which is that the latter uses the existing structure for its base. The material goes directly over the old concrete.

The prepping of the area

Before the concrete resurfacing work starts the area should be clean and there shouldn’t be debris or concrete parts lying around. If you are planning to clean the surface with water and soap, make sure to clean it thoroughly. Soap or other chemicals can affect the resurfacing material of the concrete, so make sure there are no remnants on the area. All blemishes and cracks must be covered with repair materials, and this will ensure a smooth surface. The resurfacing material is poured over the space and made sure it spread evenly to every side and corners. After the concrete dries you will get a smooth and beautiful surface. However, if you have applied concrete on your driveway the path will become wet and slippery, so in Oklahoma City, workers add non-slip coatings. The surface can be later on designed as you desire.

The material of concrete resurfacing

The material of concrete resurfacing is simple as it’s made of a thin cement base, and it’s mixed with bonding materials. When it’s poured over the old concrete, it provides a beautiful finish and gives a smooth texture. As the area dries, you will get a durable surface. It requires at least 24 hours to dry out properly.

The benefits of concrete resurfacing

Other than saving your money, and renewing your old driveway, you will get other benefits of concrete resurfacing. It will save you time, and the surface is resilient to tear and wear. You will get a smooth and beautiful surface around your home.

Before you go for concrete resurfacing you have to keep in mind, that it works over minor damages. If the surface has big holes or greater damage, then you have to repair that first. Concrete resurfacing is not for fixing structural issues, if you pour the material over major damages, it will pop up over the new surface, and you have to deal with it over again.

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