How Commercial Roofing is Different from Residential Roofing?

A roof is an essential part of the building, be it commercial or residential roofing. But both roofing are different in their use of materials, design, installation and maintenance. Also, any kind of damage to these roofs can be pricey. It is essential to know the variations of the two types of roofing to get a roofing system high in quality and ideal for the residential or commercial structure.

Let’s take a look at primary differences between commercial roofing and residential roofing:

The Design

Commercial structures are generally larger in sq.foot as compared to residential structures. So, the commercial roofing must endure extra size and weight of the building through appropriate support framework. Residential structures generally have a pitched roof that is easy to install. The roof has a higher slope compared to Commercial roofing. A high quality design is essential in both the roofings.

Roofing materials

Both residential as well as commercial roofing need durable roofing materials. The quantity and material type is based on the design, size, cost and environmental factors of the surroundings/climate along with other factors. If you see commercial roofing, it tends to have a flat slope while on the other hand residential roofs are steeper. A right professional company can assess them according to your roofing type and need.

Most primarily used roofing materials employed in Residential and Commercial roofing are:

  • Shingles made from Asphalt, Tile, and Ceramic
  • Metal Roofing
  • Wood Shakes
  • Solar Shingles
  • Roof that is readymade or Built-up

These roofing materials offer longevity, easy maintenance and adaptable roofing.

Commercial roofs will needs more incorporate elements to cover a surface larger than residential roofs such as air conditioning and ventilation. So, materials needed need stronger support and sturdier framework to last longer.


Commercial roofing has higher maintenance as compared to residential roofing. Since commercial roofs are larger in sq. footage, the roof needs consistent maintenance. This can include clean gutters, clog free areas from debris, proper insulation and other such requirements. During rough climates, metal roofing or shingles roof can tend to disintegrate and damage. Such roofing needs regular inspections to ensure all is well with the roofing.

Residential roofing is comparatively more easier when it comes to maintenance owing to its smaller size. It is convenient to inspect and detect damages. Broken shingles can be conveniently replaced and gutters can be unblocked as and when required.

Cost and set up/installation

Commercial roof is more expensive than a residential roof. This is because of the quantity of materials for roofing, more labor, bigger size, different design, insulation and protection care is vast in a commercial roofing.

Residential roofing is comparatively easier to install owing to smaller size in footage. It is easy to create and set up. Solar shingles are harder in residential roofing with chimneys though. Commercial roofing needs skill roofing to work around air flow systems, smoke stacks, exterior piping and air condition outlets. A proper insulation and leak free roofing is essential.


Be it a commercial roofing or a residential roofing, good design, durable materials, longevity of the structure, high quality and cost efficiency are primary. With primary differences mentioned above, it is clear that a commercial roofing is high in maintenance, larger in square footage and expensive than a residential roofing.

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